Weekend Links #11

Happy Friday, everyone!

Are you getting good sleep? Eating right? Keeping hydrated? Deleting work email off of your phone? Remember, the school year is a marathon (that’s somehow also filled with lots of sprints).

Stay healthy, breathe right, and stick with us. We’re in it together.

And while you’re at all of that, check out some of the odds and ends we’ve gathered from across the interwebs this week.

Get your kids solving real-world problems.

This topic could yield lively classroom discussion.

Do you use Google Slides for sharing content during your lessons? If so, check out these two handy new features.

Let’s be talking about this in our social studies classes, shall we?

How not to go crazy reading students in-process writing.

And while we’re on the subject of grading and assessing, will we be seeing you at ACGAL? We sure hope you’ll join us. It’s going to be an amazing day!